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Apple Inc., Apple Newton eMate 300


Apple Inc., Apple Newton eMate 300, 1997-03-07

Dark green shell, 480x320 resolution display with two stylus pens and a full-size keyboard.

Apple Inc., Macintosh PowerBook1400


Apple Inc., Macintosh PowerBook1400, 1998-05

The Macintosh PowerBook1400 was created in 1997 and it was the Apple's entry level notebook. The starting price for this notebook is $2499.

Using After Dark

Using After Dark, Casey Paul, 2020

MAL Logo


MAL Logo

MAL Software


MAL Software

MAL Hardware


MAL Hardware

Haggerty, Patrick, TI-99/4A


Haggerty, Patrick, TI-99/4A, June 1981

Texas Instrument’s TI-99/4A is a home computer released in June of 1981. They were based off the existing TI-99 computers, and possessed a 16-bit CPU.

Mattel, Mattel Aquarius


Mattel, Mattel Aquarius, June 1983

The Mattel Aquarius was a solid piece of hardware machinery that was sold and served as a gaming console to be used inside a household.

Bricklin, Dan, VisiCalc


Bricklin, Dan, VisiCalc, 1979

VisiCalc is spreadsheet software for personal computers.

Atari, Atari 400


Atari, Atari 400, 1979

A light, plastic and metal personal computer with a membrane keyboard made by Atari.

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