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The variant of BASIC used by Commodore Business Machines on their computers from the PET to the Commodore 128

The second model of the classic line, this model features a faster processor and double the memory than its predecessor.

Large clunky shape with integrated keyboard and cartridge reader. The bulk of the computer looks like a boxier modern keyboard with a side designed for the integration of several peripheries.

The TRS-80 is one of the first portable notebook-style computers created.

This cartridge is a port of the acclaimed arcade cabinet game Ms. Pac-Man. This game cartridge was produced to be used on the Atari 400 home computer system.

Based on Douglas Adams' popular series "The Hitchhiker's guide to the Galaxy", this text based video game was released by Infocom in 1984.

The Magnavox Ddyssey 2 was a cartridge based home gaming console with an alpha-numeric computer and joystick controllers.

WordStar was a word processing software by MicroPro International. It was the first commercially successful word processing software and best selling through the 1980s.

DeskMate is a systems software that saw its initial release in November of 1984. Its purpose is to provide the user with a visual interface so that they may interact with their computer.

A home arcade system from the early 80s that has an all-in-one design, a vector display, and a vertical screen orientation.
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