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Atari, Atari 400


Atari, Atari 400, 1979

A light, plastic and metal personal computer with a membrane keyboard made by Atari.

Data East, BurgerTime


Data East, BurgerTime, Data East, 1982

BurgerTime is an arcade game originally created in Japan in 1982. You play as chef Peter Pepper who has to walk over burger ingredients while avoiding…

Raskin, Jef, Canon Cat V777 Work Processor

Canon Cat computer .jpg

Raskin, Jef, Canon Cat V777 Work Processor, 1987

The Canon Cat was made in 1987 by Jef Raskin. It is a desktop word processer made for primarily work use.

Micro-Soft, CBM-BASIC


Micro-Soft, CBM-BASIC, 1977

The variant of BASIC used by Commodore Business Machines on their computers from the PET to the Commodore 128

Commodore International, Commodore 64


Commodore International, Commodore 64, 1982

The Commodore 64 is a personal computer from 1982 with 64 KB of ram on board.

Commodore Business Machines, Commodore SX-64 Executive Model

MAL Commodore SX-64E 1.jpg

Commodore Business Machines, Commodore SX-64 Executive Model, Announcement date: January 1983

The Commodore SX-64E, or "Executive" model, was the first briefcase-sized full-color portable computer, or "luggable." The Executive featured both a…



DeskMate, Shea, Orion, 1984

DeskMate is a systems software that saw its initial release in November of 1984. Its purpose is to provide the user with a visual interface so that…

Atari, E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial the Video Game by Atari

Atari - E.T.png

Atari, E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial the Video Game by Atari, 1982

Physically, the game is about five centimeters long and plugs into the Atari 2600 game console. The video game possesses very blocky animation with…

Texas Instruments, Hunt the Wumpus


Texas Instruments, Hunt the Wumpus, 1980

Adventure game for the TI99/4A, where the player attempts to use clues to figure out where the Wumpus is while avoiding running into him or dying to…

IBM, IBM 5150 PC


IBM, IBM 5150 PC, 1981-08-12

It's a personal computer released to the public on August 12, 1981 by IBM. It only took one year of the design team to make this computer before it…

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