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About The Dig

The Dig is the creation of University of Colorado Boulder students, under the supervision of Dr. Roshanna P. Sylvester. It is designed and built as a companion to the Media Archeology Lab (MAL), "the computer lab of your dreams."

The site was launched initially in Spring 2020 by students in INFO 3101 History of Computing and Information. Each student in that course researched a piece of hardware or software from the  MAL's collection, wrote short histories, and organized them into a pair of exhibits:

Hardware Histories

Software Histories

In Spring 2021, students in CMDP 2010 Information, Media, and Technology expanded The Dig to include short histories of computing gaming consoles, cameras, and small personal devices from the MAL's collection. Those histories and the creative works students produced to showcase each item are on view in three additional exhibits:

The Evolution of Gaming Consoles

Cameras Through the Ages

Small Personal Devices