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From Floppy Disks to Internet Downloads


The simple task of opening your laptop and writing a document wasn’t always so easy. Just 40 years ago, a personal computer was only owned by a small number of computer enthusiasts at the time and large corporations. It was typical to have to go somewhere to use one. What product kicked off the exponential rise of personal computers? Find out in the From Floppy Disks to Internet Downloads exhibit where you will discover computer hardware of the past.

Compiling History’s Code


Many of those small icons on your phone which open basic or advanced apps used to occupy a physical drive in a computer. These drives held some of the most advanced software in the world at the time, such as The Oregon Trail, a text-based video game. How did we get from that game to fully animated, life-like movies? Explore this in the Compiling History’s Code exhibit where you will learn about the evolution of digital software.

The Evolution of Gaming Consoles

Welcome to the evolution of gaming consoles! The gaming market has grown to become a multibillion dollar industry with advancements each year, but they had to start somewhere. Do you want to know how these companies became video game giants? If so, within the exhibit you can learn about and explore the different functionalities and design builds of our range of artifacts. We discuss their individual strides towards the success of the entire gaming industry as well as their historical backgrounds. We hope you gain some more knowledge about these awesome consoles and enjoy!

Video Game Consoles Evolution (1967-2017) – 50 Years of Glory | RealGear

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Cameras Through The Ages

Welcome to our exhibit discussing cameras throughout the ages!

Here you will be exposed to a series of different cameras dating back to the early twentieth century. Within each description, you will gain knowledge about the camera's functionalities as well as their social and historical impacts. We hope you will develop some insight into how extensive the history of the camera is along with an appreciation for these incredible devices!

Small Personal Devices

Technology advanced significantly from the 1970s to the 2000s, with personal devices becoming increasingly more portable, digital and widely accessible. As society started to depend more on technology in the digital age, these improvements fostered new and unique ways for people to connect with each other.