Macintosh Classic II: Same but different

By: Osbaldo De La Cruz
April 30, 2020

Affordable and Faster 1 . That was the two most used words by Apple when they announced the arrival of the Macintosh Classic II. In September 1992 the public was able to get their hands on the public consumer version of the Classic II known as the Performa 200. 2 . It is important to note that the Performa in terms of hardware and aesthetics is in every way the same as the Classic II. Marketing is the huge difference between these two models as Apple wanted to take hold of the workplace with the Macintosh Classic II but still wanted to allow the general public to have access to the computer. The differentiation in marketing was caused because if Apple sold the same computer to both the work force and the general public they would effectively lose their bid in the workplace because of perception. Workplace computers were generally assumed to be faster than any computer available to the public. 

The first Classic was simply a rehash of parts from other computers in an attempt to create a cheaper more affordable computer that what Apple had in it’s arsenal. 3 . However it was viewed as a failure as it was no different than the Mac SE model. The second Classic corrected the previous errors established by the first model. It came with a faster processor, the memory was better and floppy disk space saw a significant improvement. The Macintosh Classic II sold well and it began getting  phased out in the beginning of 1993 as the Macintosh Classic Color arrived.

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Macintosh Classic II