The TRS-80 Model 100: the worlds first portable computer

TRS-80 Model 100

The TRS-80 Model 100, 1983.

By Lily Block
April 30, 2020

Growing up, I always found myself extremely inspired and interested in the technology surrounding our society. At the mere age of 8 years old, Apple started to produce iPod touches, and the very first iPhone 3G 1 . I was fascinated that someone was able to create something so small, that could hold, and do so much. Similarly, when I was old enough to obtain my first computer, I was absolutely enthralled, and ever since have craved the knowledge of it’s past.

The TRS-80 model 100 2  is one of the first portable, notebook style computers, introduced to the market in 1983, by the Japanese electronic company, Kyocera. 3  With it’s chunky black keys, and tiny monitor with large green text, the TRS-80 feels quite dated to people who have become accustomed to sleek laptops and smartphones.  This object was marketed to its audience by being the first technical laptop computer— containing a full-size keyboard, an accelerated modem, and updated software. 4  It was meant for people on the go— professionals who needed to bring their work with them; as well as companies that would benefit from the use of a portable computer. As one can see, the creation of the TRS-80, along with its users, became an inspired start to the ongoing, and exponential growth of technology our society has seen in the twenty first century. 5

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TRS-80 Model 100