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VisiCalc is spreadsheet software for personal computers.

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It is a digital camera from 2007, is pocket-sized, and contains Youtube Capture mode and other features. You can take photos and videos and view them by uploading them to your computer.

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The Commodore SX-64E, or "Executive" model, was the first briefcase-sized full-color portable computer, or "luggable." The Executive featured both a built-in 5-inch cathode monitor and 1541 floppy drive, and weighed in at 23lbs (10.5kg) without an…

The Commodore 64 is a personal computer from 1982 with 64 KB of ram on board.

BurgerTime is an arcade game originally created in Japan in 1982. You play as chef Peter Pepper who has to walk over burger ingredients while avoiding enemies.

"The Print Shop" is a desktop publishing program that displays a library of templates, clip art pictures, and text boxes. These tools allow the user to create personalized cards, banners, signs, and letterheads, which can be printed.

This cartridge is a port of the acclaimed arcade cabinet game Ms. Pac-Man. This game cartridge was produced to be used on the Atari 400 home computer system.

Texas Instrument’s TI-99/4A is a home computer released in June of 1981. They were based off the existing TI-99 computers, and possessed a 16-bit CPU.

Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing is an educational typing software developed by The Software Toolworks in 1987. Mavis Beacon was designed for all ages with the intention teaching novice users how to type as well as providing practice for more advanced…
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