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Apple IIc is the fourth model in the Apple II series and Apple's first attempt at portable computer, featuring the small size and 10,000 available programs.

The Apple IIGS is the last computer in the Apple II series. It had enhanced graphics and sound and was used in businesses, schools, and homes because of its easy training.

The Apple II is the worlds first extremely successful and mass produced 8-bit home computer. The computer was introduced by Apple in 1977 with Steve Wozniak being a primary designer on the product.

Adventure game for the TI99/4A, where the player attempts to use clues to figure out where the Wumpus is while avoiding running into him or dying to traps

Asteroids is an arcade game released by Atari in late 1979. In this shooter, the gamer controls a spaceship and survives against rounds of asteroids.

Sony's Playstation 2 is a gaming console with physical attributes that include 2 wired controller ports, 2 memory card slots, 2 usb slots, is black in color with a rainbow Playstation logo on the front and its dimensions are 3.1" × 11.9" × 7.2" as…

A home arcade system from the early 80s that has an all-in-one design, a vector display, and a vertical screen orientation.

DeskMate is a systems software that saw its initial release in November of 1984. Its purpose is to provide the user with a visual interface so that they may interact with their computer.

WordStar was a word processing software by MicroPro International. It was the first commercially successful word processing software and best selling through the 1980s.
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