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It's a personal computer released to the public on August 12, 1981 by IBM. It only took one year of the design team to make this computer before it was released.

IBM PC-DOS is an operating system developed and utilized for the IBM Personal Computer. It was supported from 1980 until 2003 when it was superseded by Windows and Apple-OS.

The TRS-80 is one of the first portable notebook-style computers created.

The Magnavox Ddyssey 2 was a cartridge based home gaming console with an alpha-numeric computer and joystick controllers.

The Mattel Aquarius was a solid piece of hardware machinery that was sold and served as a gaming console to be used inside a household.

Released in 1979, Mattel Intellivision was created for at home video gaming.

The variant of BASIC used by Commodore Business Machines on their computers from the PET to the Commodore 128

NeXT Computers Inc.'s second computer released in late 1990. The magnesium die cast cube was a high end computer designed for higher education and research purposes.

The Apple IIe was put into production in 1983 as a more rugged and faster Apple II in order to dive into the education market.

Large clunky shape with integrated keyboard and cartridge reader. The bulk of the computer looks like a boxier modern keyboard with a side designed for the integration of several peripheries.
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