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Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing is an educational typing software developed by The Software Toolworks in 1987. Mavis Beacon was designed for all ages with the intention teaching novice users how to type as well as providing practice for more advanced…

After Dark was an easy-to-use software that provided mindless entertainment, saved businesses thousands of dollars in screen replacements due to images burning in, and was the first product to introduce screensavers with a password protection option.

The Apple II is the worlds first extremely successful and mass produced 8-bit home computer. The computer was introduced by Apple in 1977 with Steve Wozniak being a primary designer on the product.

Apple IIc is the fourth model in the Apple II series and Apple's first attempt at portable computer, featuring the small size and 10,000 available programs.

The Apple IIe was put into production in 1983 as a more rugged and faster Apple II in order to dive into the education market.

The Apple IIGS is the last computer in the Apple II series. It had enhanced graphics and sound and was used in businesses, schools, and homes because of its easy training.

Dark green shell, 480x320 resolution display with two stylus pens and a full-size keyboard.

Applesoft BASIC, produced in 1977, was the second and most common version of BASIC for the Apple II series of computers. Microsoft produced Applesoft and licensed it to Apple, who modified it and added additional features.

Asteroids is an arcade game released by Atari in late 1979. In this shooter, the gamer controls a spaceship and survives against rounds of asteroids.

This console offers a sleek black and wood veneer design, with two primary joystick controllers and four main input switches.
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