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It's a personal computer released to the public on August 12, 1981 by IBM. It only took one year of the design team to make this computer before it was released.

Adventure game for the TI99/4A, where the player attempts to use clues to figure out where the Wumpus is while avoiding running into him or dying to traps

NeXT Computers Inc.'s second computer released in late 1990. The magnesium die cast cube was a high end computer designed for higher education and research purposes.

The Commodore 64 is a personal computer from 1982 with 64 KB of ram on board.

The Apple II is the worlds first extremely successful and mass produced 8-bit home computer. The computer was introduced by Apple in 1977 with Steve Wozniak being a primary designer on the product.

IBM PC-DOS is an operating system developed and utilized for the IBM Personal Computer. It was supported from 1980 until 2003 when it was superseded by Windows and Apple-OS.

The Apple IIGS is the last computer in the Apple II series. It had enhanced graphics and sound and was used in businesses, schools, and homes because of its easy training.

Canon Cat computer .jpg
The Canon Cat was made in 1987 by Jef Raskin. It is a desktop word processer made for primarily work use.

After Dark was an easy-to-use software that provided mindless entertainment, saved businesses thousands of dollars in screen replacements due to images burning in, and was the first product to introduce screensavers with a password protection option.

Applesoft BASIC, produced in 1977, was the second and most common version of BASIC for the Apple II series of computers. Microsoft produced Applesoft and licensed it to Apple, who modified it and added additional features.
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